Various processes and a lot of hard work go into restoring furniture. We want to give you a brief look into what our furniture artists do to get you the most beautiful products in the end.


Beautifully restored furniture begins with great preparation and technique.  Joe, Art aka Aiboo, Lisa, and Mont are our team of professional stripping and prep techs having a combined 90+ years of experience refinishing and restoring furniture.  Here Joe has hand stripped this desk.  To continue the restoration process he will fill any chips or holes in the wood veneer and repair the frame, joints, and trim moulding if necessary.  All surfaces will be sanded before applying a wiping stain.  Then it’s on to the finishing department.


Rob is our master cabinetmaker.   Here he is applying cherry veneer to a custom designed conference table top under construction in our woodshop.  Next the newly veneered top will be trimmed to size.  This top will receive a contemporary hardwood edge with a brushed aluminum dado to accent the profile.  Once built our prep team will receive the table to begin the finishing process.


Here is Garland, one of our touch-up specialists, replacing a rather large chip of missing wood on the edge of this panel leg.  Once filled the repair will be smoothed and shaped and precision color matched to the existing finish.  It will be like new.


Terrance is the “Magic Man” who completes the refinishing process.  After applying a sealer coat Terrance will tone the finish with a tinted or shading lacquer to give depth to the color and enhance the beauty of the wood.  A final clear coat will complete the refinishing process.


Evelyn is the Grand Dame of furniture restoration and color touch-up.  She has more than 45+ years in the business. Here, Evelyn is restoring the damaged finish on these mahogany guest chairs.  She is careful to mask the upholstery to protect and preserve it.  When her restoration is complete only she will know it’s not brand new.


Greg is our general manager, coach, director of organized chaos, and part-time cat herder.  He sets the standard high and has developed a team that works to achieve that standard.  Growing a history of satisfied customers takes professionals dedicated to the job.  Our team adds personal pride to every project and is working hard everyday to keep The Desk Doctor the “Go To” place for furniture restoration and repair.

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